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Earl Clark is from what university and originally drafted by which team?

Who led the Cavaliers in scoring during Summer League in Vegas?

Kyrie Irving participated in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program? Which country did he visit?

Which teams did former Cavaliers Omri Casspi, Marreese Speights and Shaun Livingston sign with, respectively?

True or False: The Cavaliers were the only franchise to send three players to U.S. National Team’s mini-camp in Las Vegas.

Cavaliers second-rounder Carrick Felix can claim which accomplishment while at Arizona State?

Which uniform number will Andrew Bynum be wearing with the Cavaliers?

Which of these is NOT a member of Mike Brown’s new coaching staff?

Which free agent signed by the Cavaliers this summer said the following at his introductory presser: “The one thing I’ve learned in this league is that there’s two types of guys: There are guys who love basketball and there are guys who love the lifestyle. And from what I know of these individuals on my team, I feel like we have individuals who really love basketball to the core.”

The Cavaliers have drafted six first-rounders over the past three NBA Drafts. How many of those players were born in the United States?

Cavaliers top pick Anthony Bennett was the Freshman of the Year in which NCAA conference?

True or False: Andrew Bynum’s only All-Star appearance came while Mike Brown was his head coach?

With which team do the Cavaliers open and close the 2013-14 schedule?

Which of the Cavaliers’ three draft picks from this past June is a lefty?

Which Cavalier assistant was the squad’s head coach during this year’s Summer League stint in Vegas?

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